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Here she is! The one you have all been waiting for! I know how much you all loved 'the dress' and a lot of you enquired about having it without the train! This is for you.

Yes, this is exactly like the other gorge dress on top but now with a cute, short, puffy mini skirt! Perfect for all occasions, and yes I mean from going to a major party to just doing the washing up! After all, anytime is glam time...

I'll need your measurements from shoulder to waist, waist to your chosen skirt hem - and then your waist measurement please. 

  • Elasticated at the waist for a more comfortable fit.
  • Custom measurements are required please - if you are not sure you can message me and I will help you to measure exactly  where you need to!
  • I only have a limited amount of stock for these so make sure you don't miss out.
  • Looks amazing with a lovely handmade crown and matching gloves too!