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If you want a little something to make your outfit super extra then these beauties will be perfect for you! Ruffles all the way up the sleeve, room for cute nails and available in so many colours! 

Made to measure, just for you - please measure carefully

a) from the very tip of your middle finger to the base of your palm (like making a palm print, this will be the length of our hand).

b) the circumference all the way around your hand at the widest part of your palm (that should be just below where your fingers join your palm.  

c) will be the measurement from the very tip of your index (or first) finger to the angle where your thumb joins your palm, and d) is the length of your middle finger from its tip to where it joins your palm.Please also include e) the length of your little finger. If you wear long nails and need room for them, please let me know and simply include your chosen nail length in your measurements! 

A diagram will be coming soon!