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Sew exciting....

This is perfect for the upcoming holiday season as well as just perfect for lockdown. I know we’re in a very unsure time at the moment so I wanted to create something that would make you feel accomplished, safe and super happy. This the perfect individual gift for all your friends and family who can design their own - or perhaps you could sew one with a special friend in mind? 

🌈🌈Introducing the cutest design your own sequin mask packs! 🌈🌈 

These fabulous little gift packs are individually created to give you the opportunity to design and sew onto your own ready sewn TSM face covering  with selected sequins, trims and fabrics provided in this lovely pack, which includes everything you need to decorate your mask and to make it your own (yes, even your own needle and thread). Now, wearing a mask can be a fashion statement that YOU make, giving you the total freedom to express yourself and be totally unique and original! These are suitable for everyone, young or old - and fun to create whether you have a little or a lot of sewing experience.

💕Each gift pack includes:

😷 A ready-made That’s Sew Maisie baby pink plain face covering

🌈 All the materials, trims and glitzy sequins you need to create whatever you like on your mask 

📖 Full step by step instructions and ideas to help you make this mask your own 

🧵  and, of course, a needle and thread 

💕What you will need:

🌈 Scissors 

🌈 Imagination

The lovely decorations included have been chosen to compliment your included ready sewn mask, and they come in lots of different colours so I am sure there will be an option for everyone! But do let me know in the checkout if there is a certain colour you'd like and I can do my best to find one out for you. These are a lucky dip 

Please stay tuned for lots of ‘how to’ videos with guidance on how to get started if you are more of a visual person. 

Not suitable for young children due to small sparkly and sharp objects 

These cute lil masks have two layers and are made without wire on the nose.