Boys and Girls I have a super excited competition for you all! If you buy a That's Sew Maisie garment and tag my Instagram (@thatssewmaisie) in the pic, and after 30 days or so I will select a winner to win a voucher of £50. How exciting! See below what I am looking for...

So I am totally not fussy, but just looking for super cute, interesting and original pics, bold, bright and visually cute af!  I want it to match your style and what you are about. When I take pics I like to think about colour and proportions but all of you have great instagrams so you all know what you're doing. A little bonus... I don't mind landscape or portrait (I know Instagram is mostly portrait) but If any of you do take a landscape pic you could also win the prize and win being the homage cover girl and boy too. (that is landscape only because of the shape) Put that on your CV ;) 

Usually pictures I have seen if you have worn your garment on a night out looks amaze! 

Have a look on my tagged images on instagram.

Have fun!

TSM  x 



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